Sexual Health Products

The Canadian Federation of Students-Services has partnered with the Action Canada and Pamco Distributing to provide access to sexual health products including condoms, dental dams and lubricants to support on-campus sexual health promotional activities. By working with the Action Canada and Pamco Distributing, members of the Federation get access to quality sexual health products at reduced rates. Orders from member students’ unions are grouped together to ensure pricing is as low as possible.

Ethical Purchasing Network

By combining students’ unions’ promotional material orders from across the country, we can achieve economies of scale. By purchasing in bulk, we can buy high-quality materials at substantially lower prices than any campus organisation could secure individually. By dealing directly with manufacturers, like the Single Mothers’ Cooperative of El Salvador, the Canadian Federation of Students brings workers and purchasers closer together so that we know exactly how our materials are made.

Fair Trade and Union-Made

Through this service, students’ unions directly impact the shape of the promotional materials industry. When we purchase union or cooperatively made materials, other companies feel obligated to offer products that are made under ethical conditions and respect workers’ rights to organize.

Sweatshop-Free Campuses

Holding a sweatshop-free event or adopting a sweatshop-free purchasing policy is an easy way to reduce the impact on the environment and promote ethical labour standards. This service provides students’ unions with union and cooperatively made materials to ensure that our campuses are sweat-free.

Digital Services

The Federation offers a variety of digital services available to students’ unions. These services include hosted website management, website design, domain name and DNS services, cloud webmail service, and development of a fully customizable mobile application for all popular smartphone devices.

International Student Identity Card

If you’re a student, you need an ISIC. The ISIC gets you discounts in Canada and around the world and demonstrates you’re a full-time student (which is handy when people don’t recognize your student card). Each year over 4.5 million ISICs are distributed around the world to students just like you. Students that are members of the CFS get an ISIC for free as just one more benefit. 

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National Student Health Network

Each year, the cost of prescription drugs and basic health and dental services, not covered by provincial health plans, take increasingly larger portions out of the limited budgets of many students. To address this problem, the Canadian Federation of Students-Services created the National Student Health Network. Established in 1985, the Federation’s health, dental and vision plan assists students’ associations with the design, negotiation, promotion, and administration of campus health and dental plans.


  • Prescription drugs with or without a pay-direct drug card;
  • Paramedical services: physiotherapist, speech pathologist, massage therapist, chiropractor, naturopath, and psychologist;
  • Dental accident costs;
  • Medical equipment/appliances;
  • Accident or sickness related tutorial costs;
  • Ambulance costs;
  • Semi-private hospital rooms;
  • Out of province emergency services;
  • Accidental death and dismemberment insurance;
  • Vision care/prescription glasses; and
  • Managed dental care.

These benefits are available in component parts, which allows a students’ association the opportunity to design a customised plan for its members, thus maintaining the principle of meeting students’ needs first and foremost.

Handbook & Dayplanner

For the vast majority of students’ unions, producing a campus dayplanner can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavour. Many students’ unions are being gouged by for-profit companies, and often for generic books of mediocre quality.

The Federation’s handbook project was initiated primarily to reduce the cost of producing high-quality handbooks, particularly for smaller students’ unions. Students’ unions of all sizes soon benefited from the project, and today even the largest students’ unions in Canada realise savings from the economies of scale enjoyed by the common handbook project.

The volume of books produced allows for better quality paper, colour pages, and fewer �advertisements, while achieving savings in writing and editing, design, printing, and binding. These economies of scale have enabled some students’ unions to eliminate local advertising from their handbook. Other locals have chosen to continue to maintain local advertising, thereby �reducing their costs even further.

Although producing a dayplanner through the Canadian Federation of Students dramatically �reduces costs because of the size of the print run, that does not mean that the “local flavour” is compromised. Cover art, optional advertising, customizable calendar pages, and up to 64 pages of local content are all available with the project.

Student Saver Discount Card

The Studentsaver Card is Canada’s only student owned and operated national student discount program. With hundreds of discounts across Canada, Studentsaver helps students save money on everyday purchases like books, clothing, food, and entertainment.

Each year, Federation members receive their Studentsaver Card through their local students’ association.

Members simply take their card to any of the participating businesses to receive discounts �ranging from 10% to 50% off purchased goods and services. In addition to discounts, the card acts as a Federation membership card. Unlike the ISIC, the Studentsaver Card is available to part-time students.

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Student Work Abroad Program

Each year, thousands of students work in foreign countries through the Student Work Abroad Program. Established in 1975 with a small �exchange in New Zealand, SWAP is now Canada’s largest international exchange program. SWAP provides students with the means to combine periods of employment with time for exploring their host countries. By living and working in another country, a SWAP participant has a greater opportunity to learn about the people, lifestyles, and cultures of the host country.


  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Austria
  • New Zealand
  • Britain
  • South Africa
  • France
  • South Pacific
  • Germany
  • United States
  • Ireland

SWAP participants pay a registration fee, and receive all necessary working papers, �accommodation upon arrival, and other services. Most importantly, participants receive support from SWAP staff in Canada and abroad. Acting as a “safety net,” staff inform participants of the local job and accommodation market, and help participants with the transition to life in a foreign country.


As Canada’s only national student travel bureau, travelcuts provides unique �student-oriented products and services to over 300,000 students each year.


travelcuts develops and promotes student oriented products and services such as student fares on airlines and trains, and student tour packages. travelcuts staff offer a wealth of information with years of collective student travel knowledge.


Through the Federation’s membership in the International Student Travel Confederation, travelcuts is affiliated with over 600 student travel offices. This relationship allows travelcuts to negotiate and provide international student products, such as a worldwide network of student fares on air and surface transportation, the International Student Identity Card (ISIC), and student travel insurance.


Students’ interests are foremost in the operations of travelcuts. Innovative services for students include:

  • Student class air fares across Canada and around the world;
  • Hostelling International membership cards;
  • Bon Voyage Travel Insurance
  • Spring Break/Reading Week packages;
  • Discounted Eurail passes; and
  • The Student Traveller magazine.